About the Triads from Hong Kong...

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About the Triads from Hong Kong...

Unread post by WHUTZMACKINMOBSTA » November 17th, 2019, 11:52 pm

List of facts about the Triads from Hong Kong...
1. Hong Kong Hitmen and Contract Killer organizations are owned and runned by Hong Kongians, where as Murder Incorporated for Italian Mafias are runned by Ashkenazi Jews.
2. All Hong Kong police were corrupt and they collaborated with the Triads.
3. Triads see a Hong Kongian boy in the streets, they'll prostitute him. Yakuza sees a Japanese boy on the streets, they'll recruit him into the Yakuza. Before World War 2 started, Japanese saw Chinese as non-human.
4. When PRC (Communist People's Republic of China) seized control of Hong Kong from the British, the PRC military exterminated all Triad members, Hong Kong Hitmen/Contract killers, and Hong Kong Police that resisted and arrested and incarcerated those that surrendered to the PRC military.
5. In Hong Kong prisons, they're ultra maximum security prisons. In Hong Kong prison holes, they hang prisoners upside down, they'll release them from the hole after a few months has past, the Hong Kong prisoner gets out of the hole and acts like nothing happened.
6. Hitmen/Contract Killers are escorted around the prisons with metal electrical rods attached to their necks by prison guards. The HM/CK makes 1 false move, he gets electrocuted in the neck by multiple rods from multiple prison guards. The HM/CK regains consciousness a few days later and acts like nothing happened.
7. 1 HM/CK is so skilled of a professional assassin, he can single-handedly kill an entire squad of regular Triad members who are also skilled professional killers and enforcers, but not as proficient in killing as the single HM/CK.
8. HM/CK are in maxed out physical condition. Maxed out every muscle in the body and maxed out cardio. Skilled in every melee weapon, every firearm, multiple Kung Fu variations, self positioning and relocating skills as a sniper.
9. The Triads in San Francisco are not started up by Triad members, but regular rejects from Hong Kong that came into the U.S. as restaurant workers and laundry workers, then they decided to try to be Triad members, but they're all rejects and not real Triad members.
10. Basically for several decades, all the Triads did was war with each other, they collaborated with the Hong Kong Police, but if a Hong Kong Police officer (they all corrupt) makes 1 mistake, the Triads killed the cop and his entire family branch, Triads would hire Hong Kong HM/CK to assassinate rival Triad members, if Triads pay extremely large sums of money, the HM/CK would even take out other HM/CK from other organizations, if the Triads pay insanely large about of money, the HM/CK would even try to assassinate rival Triad leaders, Triads even hired HM/CKs for protection too, all this was happening for several decades until the PRC regained control of Hong Kong from the British, then they all got killed or locked up by the PRC military.
11. Basically, the more money the Triads had, the more shit (assassinations/hits, skyscrapers, construction businesses, German luxury cars, more expensive suits, etc.) they can purchase. The more money the HM/CK had, the more powerful weapons they can buy, the more fighting training they can get, the more professional killing skills they can obtain, etc. Time = money. The corrupt Hong Kong Police just had to be cooperative or their officers and their entire family branch dies.
12. Triads gain money from running prostitution rings. They prostitute under aged Hong Kongian children too, both male and female. Drug running, gun running, extorting from Hong Kong civilian businesses, etc. HM/CK gain money from just simply being hired by a Triad to do assassinations.
13. Triads even gain money from trafficking humans to North Korea. For several decades North Koreans had a famine, so NKs cannibalize human flesh to stay alive, they're trafficked and smuggled there by ship by the Triads.
14. There Triads also branched out to Macau, similar shit to Hong Kong.
15. Triads are non-existent in Taiwan and Singapore. Any movie that portrays a Triad in Taiwan is false BS.
16. 100% of movies about Triads are all false BS and coverups too.
17. American movies will copy Triad shit and act like it's an original idea for that particular movie franchise. Once again, false BS and coverups.
18. The Triads are so monstrous, the media does everything to twist the Triads image around and they coverup basically everything about the Triads. Also, the Triads are extreme monsters, and they're not even sociopaths, they're just regular Chinese people.

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