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Hip-Hop boycotts Vlad TV aka DJ Vlad for not apologizing

Posted: September 22nd, 2020, 1:38 am
by alexalonso
Vlad from Vlad TV has been treading lightly as he continues to make statements that have been characterized as offensive and insensitive. Stemming from his reparations tweet in 2019 and his Dr. Sebi remarks, several people have been critical of Vlad and his platform which benefits by featuring people that had respect for Dr. Sebi and support reparations, but his misquoting of Minister Louis Farrakhan in August 2020 was the final straw.

The recent barrage of criticisms starts with WestCoast Kam that posted several videos on IG and Youtube calling Vlad an enemy. Royce the 5'9, Lord Jamar and Godfrey have all publicly commented that they have severed their relationship with Vlad, after personally talking with him and hearing him say that he refused to apologize publicly regarding his misquote.

Who is next.