Gang clothing has all went mainstream now and you see it on TV everyday now. Also discuss cars, clothing, fashion & style as it pertains to urban life.
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Unread post by Cold Bear » June 7th, 2005, 8:35 am

I'm reposting this from somewhere else...maybe some of you bay cats could shed some light on this

"yet another BS reason to try to put youth of color in jail rather than try to provide a positive and safe alternative.......!they vote on this tommorow so keep your eyes and ear open bay folks to see what the outcome is.

CBS 5) Oakland mayor Jerry Brown wants to slam the brakes on the reckless driving exhibitions known as "sideshows," making it illegal to even watch them.

Police say eight people have died in sideshow-related accidents and shootings in the past year. They are expecting a lot of sideshow activity over the holiday weekend, and have tripled the number of officers on duty.

Additionally, Brown introduced an ordinance Friday that would give the city of Oakland the power to give people convicted of sideshow activity a night curfew. People who were caught watching a sideshow could get fined up to $1000 and possibly receive jail time.

"If no one watched, there would not be a sideshow. The sideshow is absolutely dependent on an audience," said Brown. "We have to get the dangerous drivers and we have to get the dangerous spectators who cheer on the violence and mayhem."

But people we spoke to did not think new laws would stop the activity.

"The more they try to stop it the more it's going to go on," said a man named Michael. "They need to find us a place to go where we can go do our thing, have fun, without worrying about the police."

The Oakland City Council will vote on the proposed ordinance June 7."

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Check this site, it speaks on the whole side show thang.

Unread post by AznWarrior » June 26th, 2005, 1:54 am

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